Owning a small business is a big job.  You’re busy and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Are you spending valuable time struggling with your online and social media presence?

Are you maximizing your use of Internet traffic to drive sales?  

Would you like to use a blog to share your authority with clients or customers, but just haven’t found time?

Creating clickable content creates time.

I’m Andrea and I’m a professional writer who can help you manage your online content needs.  I have skills, expertise, and an inner fire to create content that works and works for you.

Whether you need help managing social media, your blog, or other content needs, I can deliver content that:

  • Energizes your audience
  • Drives sales
  • Creates brand awareness and loyalty

You know your business; I know writing.  I’m a professional and flexible writer who is detailed-oriented, graceful under pressure, and understands your needs.

Why me?  My expertise spans a wide variety of fields and areas of interest I can draw from when writing for you.  I’ve trained as a public relations professional, journalist, professor, and blogger.

My main experience stems from:

  • Owning a handmade business
  • Public relations
  • Higher education
  • Politics and news

I’m also a married mom of two rambunctious kiddos growing up a bit too fast in the Midwest.  I have extensive interest and personal experience in:

  • Parenting
  • Running and fitness
  • Being a work-at-home mom
  • Home organization
  • DIY projects
  • Psychology
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Public opinion research

I know you have a lot of options when looking for writers.  I’m easy-going and driven and I always meet my deadlines.  My content is playful, direct, and succinct.

It works.  And it will work for you too.

Check out my writing samples and my blog, Dr.Q Does, for more.