Jump start your blog in 2020 – Get a plan to do it right

Are you starting a new blog this year? Or are you looking to grow your audience and your business in 2020?

No matter what your goal this year, the key to using your blog to grow your business is to plan it out and commit.

However, figuring out how to channel all the energy and passion you have for your business into a blog can be a challenge. To help you launch your 2020 the right way, check out my advice for making your blog manageable.

Get a blogging plan

Start with setting some goals for your blog. What do you want to accomplish this year? Take sometime to brainstorm everything you can possibly think of that you want to do with your blog.

Then, cull the list to a few key goals that would be both powerful for your business, but also, achievable.

Good goals are measurable – how do you know you will have achieved your goal?

Also, good blogging goals are within your control. Can you influence how many people visit your blog? Maybe? Can you change how many people subscribe for your newsletter? Maybe.

However, relying solely on goals that are only sort of under your control can be frustrating for any business owner. Try to set goals that are reliant only on you – like how many posts you publish or the number of guest blogging pitches you send.

Ask for help

One of the mistakes I see in my clients is not knowing when to ask for help. They’re drowning in their blogs and they don’t know what to do about it. Some like blogging or they see their blog as important for their business, but something is in their way.

They’re overwhelmed with orders or clients and they don’t have time to write. They don’t feel they are strong writers. They don’t love writing.

But, one of the best lessons a small business can give us, is that sometimes, we need to ask for help.

And for a lot of business owners, getting help with blogging frees them up for other pursuits.

Plan each post

Once you have a list of brainstormed topics, spend time planning each post. I recommend using a blog planner worksheet to guide you through the process and make sure you have all the details you’ll need for the content you want to write.

What is the overall goal of the post? What problem does it help readers solve? What images will help get readers’ attention? What is the call to action?

Organize 3 – 4 major topics or headings that you’ll include in your post. Also, be sure to set some key dates for your post – when do you want to have writing complete? When will you publish your post?

Consider also how your blog fits into other content you’d like to publish and any marketing campaigns you have planned.

Aligning your content with key calendar dates can also give your posts a meaningful hook.

Write, write, write

Want an amazing blog? You have to write it!

Start with some research to support your post and find key external links that will boost the SEO of your content.

After reserach, each post will probably require at least two drafts, possibly more. So try to set aside some uninterrupted time to push through the writing and editing process.

Always remember as you write – make it readable, make it clear, and focus on problem-solving for your audience.

If you’re interested in outsourcing some of your writing this year, contact me! I’d love to help you with your blogging goals this year.

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