Why you (yes you!) need a freelance writer

I meet lots of small business owners that have all come to a similar conclusion:

could do this, but…

The reasons why writing is a challenge are multiple, varied and unique to everyone.  When you run your own small business, you have a lot of things to do.  Assuming you didn’t go into business to write, this becomes an added burden and a frustrating to do that never comes out quite right.

But a talented and intuitive freelance writer can take this essential yet challenging task off your to-do list and get you back to your work.

How a freelance writer can help you:

  • Develop content for your stand-alone website
    • A writer can tackle your About Me page, your sales funnel pitches, the ever important Contact Me page and more.
  • Develop content for other sales channels
    • Part of success on platforms such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon is the ability of the content of your profile to get attention in search and keep the attention of shoppers.  Your writer can help you do this.
  • Editing your existing work
    • Maybe you already have some content you’re using – a qualified writer can help smooth out awkward passages, strengthen your SEO and tighten up copy for maximum attention
  • Creating an engaged presence for your business online, continuously
    • One of the best ways to strengthen your relationships with existing customers and attract new ones is to have a steady stream of new content for them to engage in.  This keeps your business at the forefront of shoppers’ minds and draws in new ones.
  • Demonstrates your expertise in your area of specialty
    • As a writer, I have some experience with your topic – only you, the subject matter expert, know the content topics your audience wants to hear more about.  When you feed topics to your writer and let them research and develop the content for you, your audience still hears your expertise, but without you doing the heavy lifting.

But, won’t that be expensive?

The truth is, whenever we don’t do something ourselves, we need to pay someone else to do it.  However, your time has value too.  Hiring a writer to tackle projects for you can often be easier than struggling with them yourself, in terms of the value of your time and the results you’ll get.

There are writers charging considerable sums for their work.  As writers develop more specialization in a particular niche of writing and as they get more recognition for their work, they can demand increased rates.

However many writers are much more moderate in their pricing than the big names.  However, most freelance writing is billed the same way, by the word.  So your writer will not only want to know what you’d like them to cover but also, the length of the content you’d like to have.

In the end, I often tell clients that letting me handle the writing will save you any upfront investment with the returns you’ll get in terms of traffic and by freeing up your time.

Develop a relationship

It’s considerably easier for both you and the writer to work in a long-term arrangement.  The writer starts to get to know you and your topic better, and you don’t have to continually discuss issues related to style and format.

That being said, it can take a few tries before a partnership truly clicks.  You should feel open to experimenting with different writers and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.  It’s ok to work with multiple writers at the same time as well.

The major part of hiring a writer is to make your job easier – if it ever stops saving you time and energy, it might be time to look for a new freelancer.

There are few small business owners I meet who couldn’t benefit from the expertise of a freelance writer.  However, the process doesn’t have to be as daunting or intimidating as it might seem at first.

If you’re looking for writing or editing services, please contact me!



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